Should the police impound vehicle of illegals near no driver's license or insurance?

Answers: If they don't impound them they are really saying"here go ahead and drive this car even though we told you not to"
Vehicles should be impounded contained by a case like this whether the owner is officially recognized or illegal!

If the owner is legal and loans it to an illegitimate, he deserves it anyway! If the owner is (regardless of the immigration status ) driving, and he/she's the one without DL or insurance, he has no business driving it anyway!!
They should get rid of them and use the money to make sure they NEVER come back. They already broke two crimes by that point and don't deserve to come posterior. Source(s): Chicken Tu Madre
In my town they do that they take the car. However, the Police say aloud 'their hands are tied' and all they can do is issue a ticket to the illicit driver, and then the Police have the sports car towed. The illegal goes and pays the fine and get their car back. Still have no car insurance and no driving license, even though the Police know it is an illegal driving the vehicle; they do not have the power to do anything about their immigration status
Yes, in the Uk the car get crushed.

EDIT: They crush the cars whether they are illegals or not
Depending on what city/state we're talking about this may already be done. I know that it's done surrounded by Phoenix and in Northern California. In California for instance not having a driver's license or even insurance can find your car towed for 30 days. It is left up to the discretion of the police officer though.
arrest the drivers and levy fines
they will do that here in illinois without a blinking an eye
it don't issue who you are
They should but they frequently don't in sanctuary cities.

I have an incident, where an illegal run down a newish fence with his unlicensed coup¨¦. No insurance, not license.
I caught up with the guy even though he hit and run, with some simple detective work.

I had to argue next to the police to even come out and check it out. Then when I found the guy had to argue yet again. Finally the cop come out, nailed the guy and got him to make a clean breast his wrong doing. He did not arrest him. He DID call me back and told me "tough luck" he's unconstitutional, we can't do anyting.

I spit blood and pitched a fit. I went to the police cheif and got into next to him. The cop started to threaten me with arrest but when I did back down, they set up a sting, arrested the informal and towed his car. I even got the unsanctioned to pay me some cash for the smash up.

Welcome to the USA. You have to get contained by the face of the cops to get the regulation enforced anymore.
Hmmmmmm. Wonder what that means?
Might be a good plenty reason to be on this site, sharing and making my opinions feel or known.
It's US or it's them folks. We must be strong and insist our laws be enforced!
They should impound them and then,they should deport the illegals as well.
A personality that's not a legal citizen does not belong here and has no right to invade our country and expect to bring away with it.
They can't speak English,let alone fathom out it.
Why not they impound endorsed citizens vehicles with out driver license and no ins. why should ILLEGALS be treated better after LEGAL Citizens
Yes, if they are immoral the illegal should be deported and the car sold at auction, whether they hold driver license or not
Yes, cars impounded and auctioned to U.S. citizens or donated to charitable organization. If they are junk demolish them and by all channel - deport the illegal with hustle!
ABSOLUTELY and the proceeds of the sale of ALL their property should go to the Border patrol and ICE budgets directly.
why one and only illegals? let's impound the vehicles of anyone caught driving without a valid license or valid insurance.

afaik, no state have yet had the guts to do this, however. wimps. Source(s): only just wimps

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