AskMID - Wrong Car Details on motor insurance database?

I changed cars about 3 weeks ago and still haven't received any docs at all. ring my insurers who said give it another week then thought I should check ASKMID. I enter my current car's registration number which came up *but* the car details, spawn and model were for my previous car. I ring the insurers back who said they had their details correct and to phone DVLA. but I couldn't take through to anyone who could help. I'm keeping my policy number and insurer's phone number in the saloon - what else can I do to make certain it's put right please?
It is upto your insurers to ensure that the correct details are enter into their database in a timely manner.
Chase them for documents etc.

The insurance db is zilch to do with the DVLA.
Your insurance tag,as issued,and policy documents ,which you have received from the insurer,are the most important article.If these documents are correct you are in the clear and fully covered.By law they must present you seven days notice ,in writing, to overthrow your policy.The myriad mistakes that office staff make and blame on the computors make no difference in law.A COMPUTOR DOES NOT THINK IT JUST DOES AS IT IS PROGRAMMED TO DO.
I have a similar problem and was told to ring my insurance company - who told me to ring the police - who told me to ring DVLA - who told me to ring my insurers!
If you arranged your insurance through a broker, the mistake is probably with them
Eventually, I ring the broker I had originally arranged my insurance with - they denied they'd made a mistake but did trace the mistake which they said be a computer fault (yeah, right!)
Did get it sorted out eventually but it cost me a fortune surrounded by phone calls.
If you don't get it sorted, you'll be stopped by VOSA, everytime you step through one of their road checks - that was how I discovered their was a mistake contained by the first place. They had my registration right on my policy but wrong on their records.

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