Medicaid & medical insurance?

medicaid & medical insurance?
I am a single mother and i dont work. Im still young. But my babys father works & he has put her on medical insurance but we are struggling so much & cannot afford the co reimburse for the dr visit everytime. I am trying to apply for medicaid again. We are in the process of tryin to draw from her off the insurance & i am tryin to send within my medicaid application asap.

In one of the medicaid question they ask if she has private form insurance & i marked no. Will the be able to check to see if she have it right now? Im not sure how long it will take to procure her off. Or should i have discoloured yes even though im taking her off soon & it doesnt get bad in time?

She needs to travel to the dr & get check ups but we are really short on money
is baby's father married to you? if not, he will eventually own to pay back any medicaid payments (whether you are married or not) made by the state on behalf of your pre-natal visit and baby's well child checkups. the state can and WILL check any records, esp. wih baby's social shelter number. you should discuss this with your worker and let them know that she is covered by father's. except married, he may not required to insure her at this time. if married, he will most likely have to insure her. again, check next to your worker. you and baby's father will HAVE to pay back the funds eventually. you WILL grasp caught. sooner or later. TRUST ME! Source(s): used to work for the state
Yes jump ahead and say no even tho it hasnt gone through yet...they wont enunciate anything because the wheels are in motion.
Good luck and god bless Source(s): personal
They will not know. Medicaid will even cover the costs of any doctor/hospital visits for her from 3 months hindmost. Hopefully, you only put your income on the form so you would definitely qualify. Good luck. Source(s): Mother of child on medicaid
Their are income quilafications you will need to bump into and if medical is offered by an employer they will find out and you will not be accepted.If its offered but not affordable due to income gide line you will procure it.Its a process and it takes a cupple of weeks no matter what.I hold a good job wth the state but the medical isnt affordable beneath the income gide lines and I have a year with my clean job untell i have to put the kids on it.Due to my ex not paying child support we quilfyi.My sons will be legail age surrounded by a year so not worred their.
you can have your infant still on the insurance and get medi-cal and medi-cal would be her primary insurance and the medical insurance from him would be secondary. so you wouldnt own a co payment. good luck!
Oh hun dont lie rationale yes they will find out. Go back and say you made a mistake. This can be considered fraud and you can get hold of in alot of trouble.
GO ahead and put no, and if they ask simply say your baby's dad does not want to pay, that your single and you dont want your babe-in-arms without insurance. Just make up a fake, cause it is expensive. Medicaid does save you a great bundle!!
Remember do what your mom qualified you not to.....lie!
If any government or state mandate /funded program finds out that you lied on your form, it is considered to be fraud and is taken very seriously. They will not count it against you , in reality it may help your case if you come clean she has coverage and you cannot afford the co pays. You can have medicaid and traditional insurance. The medicaid become primary payor. Just don't lie on the form. One simple call to establish your baby's PCP can prove she have insurance. You sign consent to give them access to verify your income, medical coverage, etc. The clinic I work in, it happen alot where DHS calls to verify insurance status. It doesn't violate HIPPA and you give them consent to investigate it. You could pay a fine or even jail time if you recieve services and aren't truthful.Just be honest and it sounds approaching in your situation, you should qualify.
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I did the same and they caught me... they denied my daughter until her insurance be out for 6 months.. I ended up putting her back on my insurance (paperwork hadn't even so gone through to cancel her) just because when I thought of 6 months short insurance, I just couldn't do it.
Lying on the form isn't going to help you. And yes, they can and do find out. When I have Medicaid, they paid the premiums for my insurance.

Unless you are disabled somehow, go out and get hold of a job. That will help next to your money problems. My cousin and his GF decided not to put their daughter in daycare, so after she be laid off, she works part time and my cousin take care of daughter while she works.
If your income is really low, they should approve her regardless of whether or not you own insurance--it's whether or not you can afford it that they worry about.
If your baby's dad can provide insurance they will deny your medicaid , and they can find out if you have private insurance Source(s): went through it for the final 7 years all my kids are on medicaid
There is insurance for you it's called CHIPS. If you can't afford the co-pay they will pay that. I'm pretty sure of that. Don't flop about the insurance the father has, He most credible is responsible for the co-pay not you. He will also be responsible for glasses and braces, and emergency room fees. Just tell them you don't enjoy it and send the bill to him, give his address. If you can attain her on the chips program do so. I don't know how old she is but there is another program that give you milk juice and cereal. WIC program. Call your local welfare office and sort an appointment for help. You need it and you deserve it. No method should you take her off of his insurance. This is his responsibility and yours is to pocket care of her. Go get comfort when you need it, that's why we have these programs. Good Luck to you.

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