Can I put my girl friend on my medical insurance?

Answers: Why would you want to?
No, unless your going to consider them a domestic partner. No insurance plan allows you just to put friends on your plan. Domestic partner are a lot of money to insure so really think around it! Source(s): Sr. Claims Processor
No, you cannot put a girlfriend on your medical policy. You have to have a lawful familial type of relationship. Marital relationships and parent-child type of relationships are the 2 most common types of relationships that qualify. In some states, people surrounded by same-sex relationships can qualify as spouses (the rules vary by state and are not available in lots states.) If you can legally put someone on your tax return as a dependent, afterwards they might qualify as a dependent on your health insurance. If you cannot claim them on your tax return as a dependent, consequently you most likely cannot put them on your medical policy.
You need to check near HR. some companies allow it and others do not
Some companies do allow domestic partners to be covered. If so, it would require an affidavit of proof of domestic partnership. Ask your company's HR department.

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