Can you involuntarily commit your spouse to a mental hospital if they don't own medical/health insurance?

yes... family members, regulation enforcement, and doctors can involuntarily commit another family member for 3 afternoon observation if they feel that inherited member will be a harm to themselves or someone else. Some states ring up it a 5150 hold, others call it a Baker Act...
A creature does not need medical or health insurance to receive services from a state-run psychiatric hospital. A character does, however, need to meet specific criteria to be admit to a psychiatric hospital. I almost never trust people who are wanting to commit their spouses, so I'm not going to share that criteria with you. Too heaps abusers try to put away their spouses to get money, child custody, new sexual partner, etc.
The individual has to be documented to be a possible danger to themselves or others. Whether or not they own insurance doesn't make any difference. Source(s):…
YES, in New Mexico you can,,!
you need to take him/her to the ER and consent to them do an evaluation to see whether or not your spouse needs to be hospitalized. if hospitalization is required the ER will transport your spouse to a county medical facility which most likely charge for services on a sliding allowance scale. payment arrangements can be made. Source(s): ER RN
no ,and only if in that is documented mental problems not by you

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