When someone dies and you hold no money for a funeral?

I have a good friend whose husband is surrounded by the hospital on life support. Sadly, his time is very controlled at this point. My friend is so worried because they have no insurance and NO money for a funeral and/or burial for him when he dies. Yes, I know what you're thinking, they should have have life insurance - but this couple is young and not a soul expects a tragedy like this to happen at their ages. Anyway, it's too belatedly to think about that immediately. My question is - What will happen if she can't afford a funeral? Are in attendance any agencies that will help her out in this situation? Will the governing body help? If you have any information that could be of backing to them please let me know. She is desperate here. By the way, she lives contained by the state of Alabama if that helps.

If you are planning to leave a rude or expect answer please reconsider, this is a very serious situation. This poor girl merely lost one of her parents last week, now she's losing her husband.

Thanks for your abet and advice.
Check with some local churches. They may not actually know how to help but them hopefully will be able to point you within the right direction. I do believe there are organizations available that will assist but honestly cannot point you to any.
Funeral homes and cemeteries have return plans. Believe me, they are not the only people contained by the world with this problem. They will work with her, if/when it become necessary.
This is not supposed to be rude at all, but: reaction to CAPITALISM. That shameful system makes that if you can't afford it, you can't have it. But, put that aside, customarily the city has to pay for unaffordable funerals ? I'd start going to the city antechamber, and go from there.
Normally the people who support her and her ethnic group would hold a fund raiser for the husbands funeral costs. (car wash...ect.) Or the family and friends would basically donate money to help cover the costs. I'm really sorry to hear about your friend. I hope everything go well with him and his household! :(
I am so sorry to hear about adjectives the bad things that has happen to your friend. Has she talked to her church they might be able to backing her, most funeral homes have a payment plan for hasty deaths. My thoughts and prayers are with your friend and her family connections.
God can bring her husband through this. Anything is possible to them that believe:] Let's hope it doesn't come to a funeral, and own some faith. I'll be praying for them both.. and in the event that he does intervene, God will make a way!
you may want to contact a university and see about donating the body to science.
He will enjoy to be concious to sign some papers perhaps, but it is an option. Source(s): zipper
Just go through this last year with my father-in-law unexpectedly endorsement. Most funeral homes have a payment remedy plan. You pay an affordable amount per month, for a set timeframe. My deepest sympathies.

Maybe you can help your friend more by calling these places and gathering the information for her. It might be smaller quantity stressful and painful for you to call around than it would be for her to do it.

Check beside your local churches and funeral homes. Many of those places can help or will be able to direct you to individuals or organizations that will help.

My friend go through this when her brother died. I think a funeral home was competent to help out and direct her to some places that helped.

Don't know where on earth you are, but here is an example of a place that helps:

Funeral Help Program (FHP) 1236 Ginger Crescent. Virginia Beach, VA 23453 USA. 757-427-0220
SSI might offer some assistance; try contacting a local funeral director and ask them what the best method to proceed is.
When My mother surrounded by law died, she had no insurance and no money for the funeral. The funeral home wasn't physical happy about it, but they have to accept a few hundred dollars that Social security compensated them. Though the casket wasn't the greatest, the funeral otherwise was performed like peas in a pod as one costing alot more. We had to fill out a newspaper at the funeral home to get it paid for. If he served any time within the military, he can be buried in a VA cemetary, and they help beside the funeral also. it's so typical in this country that someone should have to even verbs about something like this while losing a loved one.
My prayers are beside you all.
Write an essay telling the perdicament to Modestneed.org or Salvation Army.They may can minister to her with some of the monetary problems.
God Bless

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