Is Western Reserve Life a division of AIG?

I have life insurance through Western Reserve Life. First of adjectives, does anyone out there know if Western Reserve Life is affiliated with AIG?

Also, is Western Reserve Life a part company to purchase life insurance through? How do they compare to MetLife?
No, it's part of the AEGON group of companies.

Western Reserve Life's first changeable universal life insurance product be launched in 1986. This revolutionary product give consumers all the benefits of life insurance along near the flexibility to choose among investment options, ranging from the lower risk-lower return potential of bonds to the complex risk-higher return potential of equities. And consumers could enjoy any growth of their cash pro on a tax-deferred basis. WRL's first variable annuity be introduced shortly thereafter. Sales soared.

In 1991, Jack Kenney went searching for a corporate parent beside the insurance roots, capital, flexibility, and vision to appreciate WRL's specialty: irregular annuities and variable universal vivacity insurance.

Happily for us all, a deal be struck. In February of 1991, WRL became a member of the AEGON insurance group. It took WRL 20 years to do the first billion dollars of life insurance in force. In freshly the last eight years, our life insurance contained by force has increased over seven-fold to over $62 billion.

In 1998, WRL became a contributor of the Insurance Marketplace Standards Association (IMSA), a voluntary membership organization whose purpose is to promote glorious ethical standards in the sale of individual duration insurance and annuities. WRL capped off the year by moving into a lovely new building in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida.

Today, Western Reserve Life continues its control and innovation in the financial services industry on the strength of its history, its products, and its people. Source(s): Ratings
Western Reserve Life Ratings
A.M. Best
A+ (Superior)

AA (Very Strong)

A1 (Good)

Standard & Poor’s
AA (Very Strong)
Choosing a energy insurance company is an important decision, and in that are many factors to consider. One essential factor is the insurer's ratings.

Ratings are independent opinions of an insurance company's ability to come upon its obligations to its policyholders. To arrive at these opinions, the influential independent rating agencies assess the insurer's financial situation, including its revenues, asset to debt ratio, liquidity, and the quality of its management. While ratings standard a company's relative financial strength and security, they do not apply to the performance or stability of funds invested contained by a company's variable accounts.

We're proud of our consistently high ratings, which imitate the care we take to ensure that we can assemble our commitments to you. Our financial strength is our way of showing that when you need us, we'll be within.*

*Ratings of the A.M. Best Company, Moody's Investors Service, Fitch Ratings and Standard & Poor's reflect the current opinion of the relative financial strength and operating working of Western Reserve Life as of the following effective dates.

A.M. Best Company: June 18, 2008
Moody's Investors Service: February 17, 2009
Fitch Ratings: March 06, 2009
Standard & Poor's: December 05, 2008

Ratings criteria and rankings can alter by rating company. Copies of rating reports are available from Western Reserve Life upon request.

To learn more about these ratings, click on the rating agency designation.

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