What is the Cost of Professional Liability Insurance for Structural Engineers?

Answers: It's going to depend on the hamper of coverage, the retro date, and what exactly you are designing.

It's going to START at $2500 and only go up from within.
Contact Structual Engineers in your nouns, and ask for Human Resources Support office. If smaller firm, as for info. When you explain what you are trying to find, they will be willing to give a hand. Online Structural Engineer sites will often help you out if emailed. Source(s): Previously employeed by Structural Engineering Firm.
Call an independent agent that sells commercial insurance. Look in the sickly pages or use this link to find an agent contained by your zip code area -


You want to hope an independent agent because professional liability insurance is a specialty line that few insurers offer, an independent agent represents more than one insurance company so they will know how to provide the need coverage..

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