Insurance Liability Investigators?

I was involved in a wreck surrounded by a parking lot in an apartment complex. I was proceeding to turn right when a woman who be speeding proceeded to make a left turn, but she turned too sharply along beside speeding and ended up in my lane, hitting me.

Now she is lying to her insurance company wise saying that her car was parked. There is a gasoline spill where on earth she hit me. I have told that to her insurance company several times and now they are taking forever to determine liability. Also, i'd approaching to point out that on the police report it says she turned a corner, felt a bump (I be on a motorcycle), and heard a crash. On my statement it says that "driver one cut the corner too close and that she run into him, causing him to fall rotten of his motorcycle."

Now I really don't understand why her insurance company is taking so long to figure out that she is lying. How long will this bring and is there any chance that they will believe her over me even though i've told them numerous times what happen plus the police report. What can I do if they ultimately do believe her.
I had a similiar situation contained by the past. After getting the run around for a month, I called the insurance company of the guy who hit me. I steadily (no cussing, no screaming, not threatening) told them that the police report supports my account of the accident and that if within was not a solution within a week, they would be dealing near an attorney vs. me. At that point, even if they won in court, which they would not....they would have spent duplicate, if not more in decriminalized fees as they would for the damages I incurred.

I picked up a check 2 days later. That is usually the case when they know their client is within the wrong.
This is a really difficult point to sort of navigate. Sometimes if there is a convincing enough story, sometimes they will believe her over you. If here was a police report, then they will be looking over it, the insurance company specifically.

I would consult with a lawyer. Most lawyer's will see you free of charge for a free consultation to commence with, and then the other ones after that will cost you money, but I regard that you should talk with one. That may be your just sort of recourse.
There is no set time period as far as the liability investigation is concerned.

You can call them and ask for a status and what they are waiting on to determine the glitch.

If you have insurance, your best option would be to folder the claim with your own company. Let them repair your vehicle and they will attempt to collect the money back from the other driver/company. Source(s): Claims 7 yrs
Good Evening Stuart. Having quite a Bummer of a time? I guess. Nothing is upsetting as when we speak something and It's not believed. I know It twists my (a)#$%^&*)#. This is the other parties Insurance company? Correct? What did you think they where on earth going to do. Who side do you think they where going to help yourself to? I like every one else hope you picked her side. When you go beside a claim against the other person Insurance this is what you get and unbelievably partisan claim process. You do have something contained by your favor,right? The police report. Now, If you don't like what is going on you ALWAYS have one remedy. Take the other party insurance company to court. You would probably make out much better.If you sign off on the claim (And they will find surrounded by your favor but not really) you'll be stuck with the final number. In answer to your last request for information: Your ONLY remedy is do not sign off on the final procedures. Source(s): NY State DMV Employee, Investigator 19 Years
They have no duty of good hope towards you. They have NO obligation to determine she's lying. They DO own an obligation to accept her statement at obverse value. SHE is their insured - not you.

You are most likely going to hold to sue her in small claims court for damages. Get pictures. Pictures of her car, pictures of spoil on her car, pictures of the corner, the bump, etc.

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