Can I insure and drive a vehicle I don't own.Owner dosen't hold and can't afford insurance.UK directive please.?

Answers: Owner should have coupé insurance. The government has be urged to make it illegal to own an uninsured vehicle. Under the proposals self the owner of an uninsured vehicle would become a criminal offence. If the owner does not have insurance, later the car won't be taxed as it is a requirement when obtain your car tax to show proof of insurance.

If you choose to drive lacking being insured or knowing the car you are driving is not insured for you within particular, you are committing a criminal offence.

In answer to your query, you can insure and drive a car you don't own. Source(s):……
Most insurance companies have their own set of rules when it comes to insurance policies and sometimes in attendance is an ambiguity about whether or not you can insure someone else's car. According to some legally recognized experts, an individual is not allowed to insure in their given name any property belonging to someone else. This effectively means that you cannot insure a car belonging to your friend or a rental company. The character who owns the vehicle has to get it registered underneath his or her name and only after would they be eligible to obtain insurance coverage. However, if you drive someone else's car occasionally, later you can seek a non-owner's insurance policy. Typically, such policies include liability, medical and uninsured or under insured motorist coverage. Non-owner's insurance policies largely do not include comprehensive coverage, monetary protection against collision or reimbursement for towing and rental charges. This applies to all vehicles you might rent or borrow beside permission. You can also take out insurance for somebody else’s coupé when it has been within your custody for one one reason or another.
You will need to insure it on a strange policy to be able to drive it. The car doesn't enjoy to be owned by you.

You CAN'T drive it on another policy on third party as for that to happen the motor itself must be insured to the minimum legal requirement.
The owner of the car can singular add you to their own insurance as another driver.If this owner is keeping the car doing a tour,he is risking prosecution.If he is keeping it in a garage or off road within some way he should have jam-packed in the appropriate form.Why don't you buy the car from them & insure it yourself,near seems little point in their keeping a saloon they obviously cant afford.
You can but not all insurers will do that and it is likely to be more expensive. If you "Front" the insurance by one declared as the main driver when you are not this will be insurance fraud.
Yes you can. If you already have coupé insurance you may well be covered (3rd party only) to drive the coupé anyway (with the owners permission).

Either way, yes, you can get insurance for a saloon you don't own.
To insure a vehicle in the UK you need to hold a financial interest in it. in other words you or your spouse have to own it! Source(s): Ex Insurance Solicior and now UK Copper
If the owner can't afford insurance, do they bother maintaining and taxing it? Think going on for it!

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