Lost National Insurance Card - UK?

My 16yr old son has already lost his national insurance card - is at hand somewhere he can phone where they will give him his number over the phone? He started a bright job tonight so needs the number urgently.
You'll need to ring the Revenue & Customs, sorry but you'll enjoy to do that during normal office hours as at hand won't be anyone there now.
but see if the links below can give support to. Source(s): http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/faqs/ynino.htm
Getting a exotic card issued is slow, if he has no NI number for the employers P46 that he will/would enjoy to fill out they can send it stale without the number in place they will automatically trace the employee's NI number and detail you & the company what it is.

HM Revenue & Customs National Insurance Contributions Office will confirm to the company what it is on form P46-5, and confirm to your son what it is on a form P217.
He can ring 0845 600 0643 (NI help-line) but they won't provide him the number over the phone - they'll only agree to post it out to him.
The other option is to telephone call into his local Job Centre with proof of ID.

He should be able to start work lacking having his NI number straight away though - he just requests to explain that he has sent off for it and he should be getting it surrounded by a few days. The employer can use a temporary number in the meantime.

Connexions will solely have his NI number if he has given it to them. Source(s): Connexions Adviser
What do I do if I have lost my National Insurance number card?
Report it to your nearest DWP office, Social Security department in Northern Ireland or HM Revenue & Customs office. If you want a replacement card you will have need of to complete an application form. Remember that you are only allowed one replacement Source(s): http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/nic/ynino.htm#c
If he was registered near Connexions they should have it. Otherwise the jobcentre may help, or at lowest give him the number for the NI office.
There is no ultra fast way to procure a new one but report it to your nearest DWP office, Social Security bureau in Northern Ireland or HM Revenue & Customs office. If you want a replacement card you will obligation to complete an application form. You are only allowed one replacement.

I lost my NI card about 15 years ago. I hold never replaced because I have memorised the number. Tell you son to memorise his number and then hold on to the card in a safe place as it give him access to social security as well as person needed for tax purposes.

I work with National Insurance numbers adjectives day as I am a civil servant working for the DWP. Source(s): http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/nic/ynino.htm#c
No, visit the local job foundation who will verify his identity and issue a replacement

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