Speeding ticket. How does it affect insurance rates near Geico?

I was pulled over for the first time ever this afternoon and issued a speeding ticket. I've been a licensed driver for almost 4 1/2 years and have never been pulled over or cited for anything, no accident, etc.

I was cited for doing 20 over the limit which will be 4 points on my license. Then for every 12 months I drive lacking a citation, 3 points are deducted from the total.

How will this affect my insurance, if at all? We've be with Geico for almost 2 years now.
Any betrayal will effect your insurance. Especially 20 over the limit, as it is often considered unsafe driving.
I'm not sure what happen will to you , but I will tell you what happen to me (maybe this will make you feel a short time better!)

When I was 18, I was going 90 on a 55. I get slapped with a $250 speeding ticket. I decided to freshly pay it and not bother fighting it. Somehow it did not effect my insurance whatsoever. :0)

Good Luck!!
There are tons of places where on earth you can get a free insurance quote. http://www.autoadviceonline.com/Auto-Insurance-Quote.html It only take a few minutes to do.
it will affect your insurance a lot. and you will have to reimburse a s*** load more a month, even for just one speeding ticket.
You can compare how the insurance quotes would devolution, for example here - autoinsurance.noneto.com
insurance rates will go up. I suggest you take traffic academy & this will remove the points from your record.

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