Do your insurance rates move about up as soon as you receive a driver's license?

I'm about to turn 16. I want to get my driver's license, but my parent's are wondering if the insurance rate's are going to travel up right away as soon as I get my driver's license or do I have to bring up to date my insurance company? Can someone give me a little more information just about this? Thank you.
I can tell you when my son recieved his drivers license and I added him to my insurance, my cost rose $600.00. Anyone underneath 25 and having less than 5 years driving experience within the state of Massachusetts pays a high rate for insurance. I will tell you though if my son have his own car his insurance would have cost double over what I rewarded even adding him on to mine.
YOU probably don't have insurance in your nickname. You are probably listed on your parents policy (or at any rate you should be).

If you are not and you get within an accident, you can imagine the insurance company "have a cow" or worse, not covering you.

Yeah, you are an additional insurance risk, so their rates will go up.

The solitary other insurance I can think of would be life insurance that your parents took out within your name - which has a fixed costs, regardless of what you do after they have done their initial analysis of you (probably as a baby).

NO, whatever they are using to insure you MEDICALLY (their medical insurance) will not jump up.
When you capture a license, you are supposed to get insured on your own. Doing it under your parent's company will carry you a better deal, and of course their rates will jump up, its one more driver on the plan. They dont insure people for free.
Your insurance will only go up once you are claimed on your parents policy. If you're never claimed, the insuarance company will never know.

If you're going to drive though, you want to be covered so you will want to get a policy, so put on your parents policy. Adding another driver will definitely angle their insuarance, that you're a new driver it will raise the premiums significantly.
if your insurance company finds out the rates will go up. You are rightfully automatically covered under your parents policy so there is no method to avoid it. If you dont call them.....o well..your still covered but they can charge your parents abundantly extra. may as well call them Source(s): licensed insurance agent
work for a top insurance comp
Regardlessly, you must be included onto your parents policy, or your own policy. Now, carrier require for your parents to generally exclude anyone that is the age of 14 or elder to prevent the "FREE" insurance aspect. A lot of carriers will provide coverage without an increase surrounded by premiums when you are a permit driver. But, once you are truly licensed. You will be treated just resembling any other driver. Therefore, you need to have your parents contact their insurance rep straight. I would not play with the situation by assumption. In the event you get into an twist of fate and weren't truly covered. Your license privileges can be suspended, and the registered owner of the vehicle can be held liable for all damages or losses due to no insurance coverage being present. The best warning is to be aware and speak with your carrier. Each owner can rate differently. Therefore, the carrier that worked best for your parents, may not be the best option anymore when including yourself. So some new research may need to be done. Good luck. Source(s): Licensed Insurance Representative, Sales Manager for an insurance agency for over 5 years.
If you win added on your parents policy, yes, it will go up, because now near are 3 drivers instead of 2 on the policy,
I don't believe it goes up drastically or anything, but they can easily telephone and check.
If you are 16 with your own vehicle, and Have insurance by yourself, you will proabably be paying alot, teenagers are the highest risk drivers.
It would be smaller amount expensive to go on your parents policy.
you can always grant to pay the difference.
I'm pretty sure its a national entry, but i know in VA, MD, and WV you have to own insurance once you have your license
While you have your permit, you're covered on your parent's insurance.

Once you capture your license, you are not allowed to drive until you are added to their insurance policy. Yes, their rates will go up. How much depends on the state, the type of motor, etc.
Generally, insurance rates are high because your a origination driver and you have little experience on the road putting you at more risk to find into an accident, speeding ticket, etc. I'm with State Farm Insurance and they run down a percentage of your insurance rate if you provide a good report card from school, so you may want to to look into that. But as you become a contributor of any insurance company, your insurance will begin to drop after a certain amount of time-depending on which insurance company you choose and their policy. I would recommend State Farm, they are reliable and hold a good coverage plan from my experience with them.
Laws differ by State. During the time my son had his learners security in the St of insurance did not got up..when he get his license it went up 200 dollars more per month! and that was 4 years ago. Then we added a vehicle at 17 and it was another 200....Being a boy your parents insurance will sky rocket....boys dirve fast and crazy..How frequent young deaths hold you read about by young girls driving a coup¨¦..I can say in CT NONE contained by the past 4 years....Young Drivers + Speed = this link: childlike man liked driving fast...he kill his sister, a friend and him self...his parents only had two children...They immediately have none...and it was adjectives because this young man LOVED driving fast! I hope you draw from your license and drive SAFE!

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