Car Accident, how much should I expect from their insurance company?

I was just within a car accident on Thursday. Its deeply totalled my car. Two weeks before the stroke of luck, I just put $2345 into the transmission, $500 2 weeks back that, and another $500 about a month before that. Thats not to mention the $1000 I put within in 2006. It was a troubled coup¨¦ but with the transmission fixed, it should enjoy been perfect.

The other vehicle hit me. I really was at no fault but the other coup¨¦ is a company car. The people driving don't own it. They also don't seem to be to be American Citizens.

Here's my damage,
Broken Axels, my tires leaning into the coup¨¦ dramatically, my tire is ripped, the driver door doesn't open, blinker is gone, just severely sprain to the quarter panel, ETC

I did have some injury, a seat belt burn, support and neck pain.

What can I expect from the insurance company? Will they steal into account the recent expensive work done on the car?
Any philosophy? A guess?

I had a 99' Hyundai Elantra - now I own scrap metal.
Here is the real unmerited answer to your situation. The insurance companies don't care how much money you have put into your sports car to upgrade it. They simply look at several cars in your area that are alike make and model. They average out the value of these cars and this is what you find.

About your personal injuries. They won't pay much for that either, unless you own lost a limb or have a spread through injured for life. Back and neck torment are hard to prove.

My accident be not my fault either. A man rear-ended me when I stopped for a conservatory bus that had blinking red lights on.

Just because my case turned out weakly does not mean that your case will, but don't bring your hopes up thinking you are going to get thousands of dollars. Sorry. Source(s): I was within a similar accident a few years ago. I had a 2000 Ford Escort. I put deeply of money into it to keep it running. I needed a good sports car that was good on gas for work. They give me $1,700 for the car and I am still waiting to get something for my personal injury. I talk to the Lawyer yesterday, and it looks like I will get only just enough to pay sour the Doctor and the chiropractor. What a rip off!
they will pay the blue book plus on the car and all your doctor bills they should obtain you a rental car and pay adjectives of your lost wages and you should get something for your pain and suffering.
oh jeez, was anybody hurt?
you allready enjoy it figured out,
why not just hire a shady abulance chasing attorney
Here is my answer and I promise not to call your sports car any names.

The insurance company will owe you actual cash efficacy (ACV), not wholesale like somebody else said. Depending on who the company is they will use a computerized evaluation (CCC or ADP), blue book quotes, dealer quotes and internet search.

Whatever method they use you have the right to see the documentation so make sure to ask for a copy of it.

I also strongly recommend that you do your own research into the merit of the same kind of motor that you had. is a good place to start your research.

Now on to the fragment that seems to anger many culture (especially la428282). Over the years I have settled hundreds of total loss claims and IF you have the receipts for the MAJOR items you can and most predictable will get additional money added for them. It will NOT a dollar for dollar item. The $2300 that you put into the transmission might get you an supplementary $200.00. over and above the ACV. Sorry but that is the reality.

Good Luck and I hope this help you out. Source(s): Claims Adjuster for way too long.
Don't kid yourself.....You had "crumb metal" BEFORE the wreck, too.

If you look up the wholesale value of that car.....and trust's not gonna be much!....THAT is what the insurance co will salary.

Looked it up, and depending on mileage and condition, it's worth about $1900
They may or may not consider any prior repairs. It depends on the company. Some non-standard companies might play a little hardball. Most importantly, you must be able to provide receipts/invoices for the prior repairs.

It clearly sounds like your vehicle is a total loss vehicle. Usually, the company will run a CCC evaluation (or something similar) to determine what they believe to be the value of your vehicle. They may be predisposed to share that with you if you ask. You may be able to negotiate next to them some, but do not expect them to vary greatly.

Injury claims depend on the state. Generally, you should be compensated for any out of pocket medical expenses and an amount for pain and inconvenience (suffering). Medical bills are not usually rewarded until you are ready to settle.
I abominate when people expect to get more money from work they get done to their car. YOU GOT THAT WORK DONE B/C YOUR CAR WAS SUCKY AND YOU WANTED IT BACK IN GOOD CONDITION! its not like you upgraded your saloon.. it just wanst working and you fixed it...

The insurance will pay you retail utility of your car... when you buy a car you expect it to be within working condition.. so thats what they will pay you for. That money you spent on your car be to get it in that condition.. so why would they money you back for that?
You'll get what your bring in and model in similar condition is going for in your local nouns. Even though you threw in a lot of money for repairs, that's of late considered maintenance. If your car is going for $2,000 and you put contained by $3,000 on repairs, you're not going to get $5,000 for it. Would you buy it for $5,000 when all others are going for $2,000? You may capture a couple hundred more max if you can show receipts and repairs were very recent.

For your injuries you will be compensated for that as very well. Just like the answerer conim200 above was. You'll draw from enough to pay the medical bills. I don't know what more he be expecting. It's not like winning the lottery because you have an accident. The lawyer is the one who simply wins the lottery. He's getting all the excess over the medical bills and he does nil but completes a pre-filled form and sends it to the insurance co.

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