Insurance companies that dont allow pit bulls?

Does anyone know what insurance companies defianatly will not insure you if you have pit bulls. I know some that will i just want to know which ones definately wont.
unitrin kemper auto and home doesn't like to insure them. some companies have restrictions while others can be insured by discussion to the underwriter (this is something the agent has to do). Source(s): csr at insurance company.
American Family will not insure owners with pit bulls or chows. My dog is a bull dog mixed presently instead of chow mixed. They was not going to insure me because it was a chow mix. I be told to start calling it a boxer mixed.
I know both State Farm and Alstate ask what dogs you have and hold a list that they check to make sure they are ok or if they want a rider on the homeowners policy.
I own Allstate and they have rules about enduring breeds. If you have a mixed dog, you can easily return with away with saying it is not the breed of dog they restrict. When you overrun out the paperwork they ask the breed of your dog- you do not need to lie almost it but if it's a mix, just put a collie mix instead of pit bull mix or whatever the husband breed of the dog is. If it's full-blooded, it probably won't work out.
Also, they don't not allow the breeds- it just rises your insurance price greately. It's not just beside pit bulls either, it's dobermans, chow chows, etc.
Liberty mutual definately will not. Don't believe state farm will any.
American Family Insurance will not.
kim morgan.
The following companies are Pit Bull friendly. At least the last time we checked they be. Some of them may have changed their breed policies since the time of this writing.

State Farm

Farmers Insurance Group


United Services Automobile Association

Fireman's Fund


Chubb Group Source(s): checked online, lol

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