After giving a deposition for slip/fall lawsuit does that be set to the insurance company will settle soon after?

My sister is suing her old landlord for a slip/fall injury. She have needed two surgeries on her foot within a year. She will never walk like peas in a pod. Her deposition is in September. Some people hold on to giving her their opionions. I was wondered what she might expect next.
that is entirely up to the court and the lawyers. A deposition basically means that she will be giving details about her injury lower than oath. It will probably be done at a lawyers office fairly than a court room. The defense is doing all they can to catch her contained by a lie, so tell her to be unmoved and be honest. Don't give up too much information unless its asked for. Follow her lawyer's advise. Hopefully, she have filed a lawsuit within the two year decrease.
Good luck.
Oh, and since this has happened during olden times year, don't look for anything too quick. The defense could make an grant, but she has to consider all she have been through and future requests. Further, it sounds like she is going to have unbreakable damage.
It depends on her lawyer and on the landlord's legal representative. If the landlord is insured, it will also depend on the insurance company's lawyers.

Also, in the lead the judgment is one thing, collecting is another.

If the substantial amount is involved, the travel case can last years (at least 2 years); collection is longer than that. Source(s): I'm sorry it happen to your sister.
Bottom line is that a deposition is a occasion for both sides to evaluate the strength of the case. Most likely, an bestow was previously extended and rejected in this covering. After the deposition of your sister (and any others that are scheduled), the two sides might reconsider the strength of their case and revise their offer.

Because there is no requirement of an offer ever, and every suitcase is different, no one can tell you how the valise will proceed after the deposition. What I assume your sister's attorney has told her is that: 1) she needs to be truthful surrounded by her answers; 2) she needs to listen to the questions and afterwards answer them to the best of her ability; 3) if the question asks her something she doesn't know, it is better to right to be heard that she doesn't know than to guess at the right answer; and 4) to stay calm and not get into an argument beside the attorney for the other side.
i went thru a ton of slip and fallas a never stated how or why she fell. nil anyone can give a opinion.if she fell within the rain or snow you can not sue for the acts of mother moral this type of lawsuit all specifically needed for the plantiff to win is for them to win is for them to show they made a reasonable effort for anything to occur.i have testified surrounded by over 100 cases.if you do not mind telling me what happened i will distribute you my opinion
All the deposition routine is that the lawyer for the landlord and his insurance company is going to ask your sister profusely of questions. Some questions will be something like her accident - how it happened, how long the condition that cause her injury existed, her injury, problems as a result of her injury etc. However, some of the questions will have zilch to do with her case and her injury. Some question will be general background question, like her educational experience, any criminal convictions, if she have ever had any other lawsuits, etc.

The mere fact that her deposition is self taken does not mean that the landlord requirements to settle. A deposition is something that occurs in every lawsuit that is to say filed. It is the defense attorney's chance to get hold of to know about your sister and ask her questions something like herself and her claim.

She should have no expectations after her deposition. Slip/fall cases are tough cases, even under the best facts. Once her deposition is done, the attorney for the landlord will dicate a report for the insurance adjuster. That report will include an assesment of your sister as a witness and whether or not she has jury appeal. Your sister's demeanor (whether she act nice or gets angry) and her background (whether or not she have any criminal convictions) will play just as much a role in how the insurance company evaluates the claim as her actual injury and resultant surgeries.

What she should expect after her depositon is that the bag will next go through some sort of facilitative process where on earth a neutral third party may assist surrounded by trying to resolve the claim. This may not take place for many months after her deposition.

It is a myth that insurance companies are upset of lawsuits and that all they want to do is settle. Insurance companies do not make money by giving money away - they manufacture money by holding onto their money for as long as they can.

Your sister needs to be concerned with the deposition itself, not what might transpire afterwards. The deposition is the most important thing she will do for her travel case.

If anything, the other attorney is going to ask questions in the deposition contained by such a manner so to get your sister to say-so things that hurt her case, or let his client (the landlord) sour the hook for the injury, or which will decrease the value of her shield.

She should not guess at any answer. She should say she does not know if she does not know an answer. She should give outstandingly short answers, "yes" or "no" if at all possible. She should NEVER volunteer any information. Most importantly, no matter how wacky the questions make her, she should never lose her resentment or be rude. If she finds herself getting overwhelmed or upset, she should simply ask to take a break.

She should have no expectations after her deposition is taken. A deposition is merely a adjectives thing that takes place contained by every lawsuit. It should not be taken as an indication that the defendant wants to settle.
They *could* make an offer base on what she says in her deposition, but I surmise it's highly unlikely. As others have said, a deposition is a majority occurrence during the course of a lawsuit, and the parties may still termination up going to trial.

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