Will my parents find out in the region of my abortion through our insurance company?

I might get an abortion if I find out that I am pregnant. I'm under 18, but my kinfolk does have insurance.
Oklahoma law doesn't require parental say-so for an abortion. If I do get an abortion and our insurance covers it, will my parents find out/be notified around it?

Any and all feedback is helpful. Thank you.
As far as I know, elective abortions are not covered by insurance. However, IF your insurance covers that, consequently they will be notified when they receive the statement from the insurance. I think you ought to permit them know beforehand. They CANNOT legally prevent you from aborting, if to be exact what you're scared of occuring. But it's really up to you.
Yes, they most possible have a co-pay and the insurance company will send the bill to the house. Even if doctor/patient law allow the doctor to not tell your parents, the insurance company may have different rules.

Insurance will also convey a summary to your parents, I get one monthly because I'm pregnant telling me how much my doctor visit were and how much was covered.
I highly doubt insurance pays for abortions, but yes, they could possibly find out.
If you go to a Planned Parenting clinic they cover most of the payoff but I've heard it's still about 300 to 600 dollars to bring an abortion there, depending on the kind of abortion you want to catch. (to sometimes even thousands of dollars in some places that aren't planned parenting i THINK)

The pill abortion is the abortion that makes you a miscarriage and you help yourself to some of them at home and one at the clinic. It's very painful I hear depending on how far into the pregnancy you are. Keep within mind you'd have to re-visit the clinic afterward for him to check to make sure everything comes out okay.

If you're too far into the pregnancy you cannot use the abortion pill.

Then there's the vacuum one which take five minutes but is more expensive and you do not have to revisit the clinic afterward.

I think in attendance might be another one, too but I;m not sure what exactly it is.

Anyway go to a Planned Parenting clinic near you, they're adjectives over the US. I believe that if you go to any other clinic you will need to own insurance and or it is a LOT of money.

go to plannedparenting.com and call them :)
I hear they're massively very sweet and helpful, even if you are too childlike to be pregnant.

i hope everything works out okay
When a entity use their insurance of course theirs goin to be a letter aphorism what the insurance covered and what not covered.
sometimes insurance dont always cover everything it depends on what.
Good Luck.
I doubt the insurance will pay for the abortion. but yes, likelihood are they will find out.

best thing to do. tell them if you are pregnant. & hold your kid put it up for adoption. read up on abortion and the effects it can have on you.
please please reconsider.

i'll be praying for your babe. Source(s): 10 weeks w/ my first!
economically, they will get a bill, insurance wont cover the whole point your best bet is to ask this question to your insurance company. you could go thru a place resembling planned parenthood if you have them in that and they wont tell your family. well brought-up luck
Yes! On a thing call "Explanation of Benefits." It comes in the mail from the insurance company. It's provided to the being who pays the insurance. I think it would be sincerely honorable to place your baby up for adoption.
Nope! in that is this great little thing called H.I.P.P.A. and they by regulation cant release any of your medical information with out your consent and signature!! Your okay sweety.
yes ur parents will find out.....

thats why i had to tell my parents i be pregnant...i couldn't go to the doctor before i told them because they would seize a statement from teh insurance company...

if you had ur own insuracne they wouldn't have to kno ...but since it is theirs...yes they will find out
yes they will find out, because most insurance companies send a statement of what be paid for threw them that year, so if your company pays for it your parents will find out when they get the statement.
i dnt think insurance does cover for abortion...but they might dpends how yall's insurance and the clinic works...but why not merely tell ur parents u might be pregnant and see from there thay kant force u do anything..and if u kan hold unprotected sex u kan tell ur parents...but please dnt abort u help create that unknown life ...im not judgeing u but consider adoption if u really dnt want this wonderful blessing bless some other couples life
Insurance won't cover an abortion,unless it's medical usually. Your parents may find out,they may not....but be honest with them anyways. They most likely will,because adjectives they have to do is request a billing form from the insurance. If you're under 18,you'll most plausible need a parental signature anyways.
Don't do it.


And, yes, your parents will find out when they receive their insurance billing statements.
yes they will find out unless you get the mail after the abortion for 2 weeks they post the bill to your house so you can see what your insurance was charged with and next the insurance company sends this other paper letting you know what they paid for so you want to look out for 2 letters
i know that some insurance covers abortions but not adjectives of it...u will still have to pay for some of it...i would appointment the insurance company and ask them...
i do believe that they are required to pay envelope a portion of the services done. so i think they will see it, unless its different from my insurance.
I doubt insurance pays for this. Also, since you're on your parents insurance, then yes they can find out...they are the ones paying for it!
If you dance to a private doctor or physician, then you need to ask them in the region of their confidentiality rules when you are making the appointment. Ask them when you call:

* Can I get services at your organization without my parents’ permission?
* Can my parent/s enjoy access to my records?
* Will my parent/s see the bill?

It is your right to get sexual and reproductive strength care where you have a feeling safe and comfortable, so don’t worry just about asking these questions if these questions are defining to you.

Beware of crisis pregnancy centers. These centers claim to give you complete and accurate information about your pregnancy option when, in reality, their agenda is to discourage you from getting an abortion. They give misleading and medically inaccurate information about abortion. Common name of these centers are “Crisis Pregnancy Center,” “Pregnancy Aid,” “Birth Right,” “Open Door,” or “Pregnancy Counseling Center.”


Email me if you have other questions or obligation to talk, I won't judge.
insurance doesnt wages abortion. you have to have CASH. no credit cards, no checks. CASH.
sorry to burst your bubble but at hand are millions of ways for your parents to find out about you murdering a baby.
I see abundantly of yes and no answers....but heres the deal:

Oklahoma may not require parental permission but you will own to have someone with you when it happen, and word WILL get around.

Insurance does NOT cover elective abortions. NO insurance does unless you(by you i mean your parents) hold Some sort of special "insurance"

If you get sick, develope an infection, etc, they will have to know how to get permission to treat you from your parents. Point blank you arent an mature, and they dont budge.

You dont say how far under 18 you are. And if you didnt want to win pregnant why didnt you jsut go get the Plan B pill? Plan B is NOT the abortion pill, its a moment ago a concentrated birth control pill that prevents implantation.

I assume by the way you are talking any you had a spur of the moment thing, condom broke, etc..something close to that....depending on how long its been (within 96 hrs) you may can still take plan b, or if its be longer, you may just be psyching yourself so bad you are developing symptoms of pregnancy.

FYI Plan B can be bought at any adjectives drug store retailer for about $60.

Condoms are cheapest.

Pill depends on what kind of insurance you hold or you can go to the health department.

I dont know you money situation (i assume you dont own enough to pay lolly for the abortion if thats what you choose if you are preggo) but the only way contained by your situation, if you are, and dont want the parents to find out is cash or if you have your own checking acct, from within with a debit/credit.

HIPPA is there to protect the long-suffering but cant stop loudmouth people, or the "explanation of charges" your insurance will send you if by some odd change they cover.

Im fully covered by army tricare and even though i dont get billed i bring a "explanation sheet" for EVERY SINGLE THING from a urine sample to "emergency room visit.

Sorry this is long, but point blank, your ebst bet is when its time to, bear a HPT, you can get anywhere from dollar tree to walmart. If it comes negative, relax and dont verbs. If its positive, fess up before you tell ANYONE else. Source(s): Nurse

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