Can I be compensated for my inconvience by insurance company?

My car was back into last thursday, the lady who hit it took full responsiblility, the article is, I was told by the mechanic not to drive my car unless really mandatory because the engine oil cooler was dilapidated and their was potential for it to spring a leak.

The insurance company finally told me on Saturday, that they would cover a rental until tomorrow when I catch it fixed, except I would have to pay for it first. I didn't own the money to pay out of pocket for a car rental so for times past six days I have had to terminate appts, wait for my husband to get home to run errands etc. Also, I own spent hours on the phone long distance with this insurance company and paid out of my own pocket to fax things to them.

Do I own the right to ask for money beyond just the damage of my coup¨¦ for my loss of a car for six days and inconvenience, and do you think they will discharge? The company is Allstate.

Thank you.
You should enjoy been able to get hold of a rental without any out of pocket from you. As far as being compensated for "inconvenience", that doesn't come up.
No. You had the right to a rental saloon and it's not the insurance companies fault that you are broke so their obligation ends beside the rental car. You can try, but I doubt it will be effective.
You need to speak to the claim's adjustor for your covering and ask which car insurance company is on their list of vendor. They must have a contract with someone who direct bills them.

Beyond paying for repairs and transportation, the sports car insurance company is not liable for any other damages. Their responsibility is to make you "whole."
I'm not an expert, but i dont think so. You should have driven the vehicle anyway, because they have to pay for it anyway. But I dont meditate there's anyway ur going to get any compensation from an insurance company. keep trying though. and dont basically phone, show up if you can. they can keep you on hold and keep switching you to other office all they want to on the phone, but they have to contract with you if you actually stir there.
Maybe... if your vehicle have been in the repair shop since the loss AND you rented a vehicle, Allstate would probably be on the hook for a rental. Don't you hold rental coverage on your own policy? You can use that independent of your collision coverage if you need to and they can recover the cost from Allstate. If you didn't rent a saloon then the other party have no obligation to reinburse you anything except actual expenses associated from the loss. Source(s): Claims guy.
The insurance company will not take-home pay for inconvenience.

The adjuster may be willing to cash out a small amount for loss of use. If a rental sports car cost 25 per day - the insurance company will not pay you that. But they may be ready to give you 10 - 15 per day for not have a car and making due.

Allstate will not pay you for long distance phone call. They have an 800# so that they can be called for free.

However, beckon your adjuster and ask about loss of use. They will probably be willing to recompense 60-90 for that. It's not an unreasonable amount and cheaper to them then a rental car. Source(s): Insurance Adjuster 12 years
You can ask, but insurance companies will usually stick to rules in the contract and not compensate you for your time.
Your insurance company won't compensate you for inconvenience. It's your responsibility to know your policy, or ask about it.

If you really wanna sue someone, sue the woman that hit you.
Keep track of ALL your receipts and they will cover them. In addition, the insurance company does cover you for a certain amount of inconvenience contained by the settlement. They build that into the settlement. Source(s): I used to be a crime scene detective in South Florida.
The other insurance company is messing you about - run to an accident management company and they will take you a hire car faster than you can say "it wasn't my fault". The principle of insurance is to put you vertebrae in the same position that you be before the collision - leaving you minus the use of a car for a week is putting you in a worse bad position. Also, is it your insurance or the other person's that is handling things? If it is yours, try contacting the other person's, they may want to get you a courtesy motor to avoid a larger claim later. If it is the other person's, try contacting yours, they may give you a sports car and bill the other insurance company.
Good luck :-) Source(s): Insurance Claims Advisor for 5 years.

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