After a house fire my insurance be cancelled when do i win reinstated?

Answers: when you jump find another company - this policy probably cancelled you after they paid out on your fire because now you are a greater risk (insurance companies are odd about that kind of stuff)
Did they cover the loss? Was in that any suspicion of arson or negiglence?

I would suggest hiring an attorney! Often, insurance companies deny claims just because it is standard to do such and so many folks do not fight it!

I had a house fire and they initially denied the claim for some trumped up BS more or less not receiving the last transfer of funds. (Insured with same company, no interruptions in payments, for 18 years!) THEN they tried to deny such because the homeowner (my mother) did not live within though the policy specifically stated "or insured's immediate family."

One can request a jury trial and not oodles will be sympathetic to an Insurance company!

Now if none of these things apply to you and they only terminated your policy for too many claims...I cogitate the company has the right to decline future coverage and you may own to go with another company...possibly a big risk insurer.

Good luck! I know it is a *grrrr* headache!
Was the policy cancelled by the insurer or was it not renewed by the insurer? There is a difference and it is significant.
If the policy was cancelled that method you violated some policy condition, such as failing to disclose a material fact or misrepresentation, which is fruitless. Your policy will not be reinstated, therefore you will have to find another insurer, probably within the non-standard market, which means big premiums, big deductibles and small coverage. The insurer cannot terminate a policy mid-term because you had a claim. They can only invalidate mid-term because of a condition or contract breach.
If the insurer chose not to renew the policy, then this is a different situation. While it is bad (other insurers do not look favorably on investigational risks who have been decline by their current insurer), it is not as bad a situation as if you had be cancelled mid-term. The policy will not be reinstated by the current insurer, however you might be able to find coverage with another standard insurer, depending on your current situtation (i.e., house age/condition, other claims, etc).
Bottom flash is you should find an insurance broker right away to avoid uninterrupted coverage. This is assuming, of course, that the fire damage is one reparied (no one is going to insure a house as a new risk with current fire damage).
Your old policy won't get hold of reinstated, you have to get a hot one with a different company. Call your agent to see if they can place you with another company.
Did your house completely burn down? If so, you don't have a policy because you don't have a house to insure. Once you're rebuilding, you'll start to traffic with reinstatement.
NEVER, you will enjoy to find a new company and my bet it wil be twice the cost.

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