Insurance cost(range) for 1 million dollar house?

I know that it depends on a lot of factors but could anyone offer me a range for the price?
if the house is contained by Alaska and you need theft, it'll cost 1 million times smaller amount than if it is in LA and you require theft.

If the house is within a tornado area then expect to take-home pay 100 times more than if it was in a no tornado nouns.

So, if I make them up completely there is a big haphazard that my figures will still apply to some corners of the USA.

At this point you might as well craft the figures up yourself.
For an accurate quote, talk to an insurance broker. A broker works with several companies and can find the best rate for you. To find a broker contained by your area, log on to a website like and teem out a form requesting a free quote. Your information will be sent to a broker in your area who will contact you. Source(s):…
$1500 to $25,000.

Maybe a bit higher contained by some places.

I don't think that range is going to do you any perfect. Source(s): agent, 21+ years

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