My iphone get stolen will my house insurance cover it?

my iphone got stolen outside of my home, will my house insurance cover it? and how do i go something like this?
i need to speak to my mum to make sure i can take another back rather than losing out on lb400 :( (im on wages as you go i cant get another hindmost on contract)
I heard Iphones suck because you can't get insurance on them.
iPhones are covered property, but unless you own an HO-5 or HO-C, it will have to really be stolen for insurance to cover it.

That being said, you've get to meet your deductible in direct to see any money, and I don't see an iPhone being over the deductible.

Some policies let you agenda the phones, but I'd slap any client of mine that tried to file such a small claim.
Home insurance is actually very flexible. I don't grasp all the details of my homeowners policy, but my homeowners insurance agent is always sympathetic. Try calling your agent or a homeowners agent in your city. They will be able to assist you.
Possibly but at hand is a thing called "deductible" which technique you cover that amount 1st and the insurance covers the balance .

Usually the deductible is way more than 400 but check next to them .
Every policy is different .

Did it get STOLEN, or did you hand down it somewhere? If it got STOLEN, that's usually covered - but you need a police report to prove the larceny. If you left it there, it didn't obtain stolen, it got abandoned - and it's not covered.
Nope...not covered
What does the content's insurance voice? Did you take cover for taking personal possession outside of home?

there is a specialized cell phone insurance. they will cover it, not home insurance. home insurance is only for, capably, the home
how do you even think that house insurance would cover something stolen OUTSIDE of the home...

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