How can a Nationwide insurance agency discriminate aganist a breed of dog trying to buy homeowners insuranc

Nationwide insurance is discriminatory aganist pit bulls as they do not give quotes or cover homeowners for homeowners insurance if you have a pit bull. I abhor bad owners that make it so complicated for good owners and good pit bulls, it's extraordinary!! Are there other insurance agencies that do this wrongful act too?
You would be surprised by the number of companies that won't give you insurance due to the type of breed. The main justification is they have had to repay out to many claims for dog attacks, provoked or otherwise. I agree, just because a dog is of a convinced breed does not mean it it mean. A lot of states own now outlawed pit bulls and will destroy them if found. I own a dear friend with 2 pit bulls and are the sweetest dogs you can find, so keep looking and you freshly might find someone to insure your home. Good Luck
I don't know about home insurance, but on my commercial property insurance i have to sign a waver that excludes my rottweilers if they do bite someone so that the insurance company can't be reliable ..i did that cause i know my dogs they look the section, but if anyone did rob the place they'd help them carry the stuff out ha ha, but they are still classified as a treacherous breed..I blame the news many dogs bite but the word makers are pitbulls,rotties,and other so called unsafe breeds, not the breed it's the idiots that are irresponsible owners.....good luck with your investigate
It's base on number of claims. There are a lot of Nationwide insurance agencies that won't issue a policy if you live in a hurricane aria too.
They can do it because there is no law that prevents them from doing it. There is nil to prohibit racial discrimination when it comes to dogs. Odds are nearby will not be any laws like that soon. Many associates are anti-pitbull. You could probably find one that does not do this if you do your homework and are willing to talk to seriously of insurance companies.
Unfortunatly, yes most all insurance companies won't cover houses beside pit bulls, dobermans or rotties the trick is to never let the insurer never see the dog...
My dad runs an insurance company and his company is not allowed to cover any 'agressive' breed owners. This is not HIS rule it is a national rule set by the guide hancho's of the companies.
The best thing to do is not to tell your insurer you enjoy that breed. With most companies either you have to own at least a million dollar policy or they won't cover you at all and I completely agree it's an injustice
If you don't like their policies, take your business elsewhere.
Sadly there are a few insurance companies that do this with breeds such as Pit Bull, Rottweiler, GSD, Husky and mixes of these breeds. Check to see if State Farm is avaliable contained by your area. We have State Farm and they will cover any breed as long as it have not bit anyone. Thier premiums are not higher because of the breed either. I would suggest checking beside them as we have had no problems (I enjoy used them for car insurance since I started driving and 2 years of renters insurance and now homeowners).

Sorry that you have to experience this kind of treatment due to people's mis-education!!

EDIT** Please do not listen to anyone who says "don't report to them". If you do this and they find out they can and will drop your policy. Also, if something were to happen relateon cloud ninehe dog they can and usually will refuse the claim. A friend of ours had someone hurdle their fence and get hurt and because the dog be involved (did not bite or bother the person, it is suspected the person be attempting to steal the dog) they had to file a claim on their insurance and it be denied because the breed of the dog was disclosed in the police report. The guy sued them and they have to pay his medical bills out of pocket. Please be smart and find a company that will cover regardless of the breed, they are out there!
Because there's nought that says they can't. I hate to give an account you this, but pit bull owner are not in a protected class.

I think most insurance companies will denied coverage to someone that owns a pit.
This is pretty common practice and it's not only pitts. Chows, shephards, dobermins, etc. There are some agencies that are now insuring homes if your dog gets a obedient citizen certificate. It takes training and rugged work. There are probably several trainers in your area that do this thoughtful of work. So get on the phone and find an insurance company that will insure you under these conditions and later get the training going. Good luck.
They do it because they can .I be turned down by them also ...because of my german shepherd. We got a local independent insurance agent and we have to remuneration more than most for our insurance.but there was no course that I would get rid of my dogs just so I could hold a policy with them
I hold to say, I support the insurance company on this one. They have to muddle through risk, and part of that risk the dogs people own. Unfortunately, here are quite a few really bad pit owners out at hand. Don't blame the insurance company, blame the irresponsible owners.

Besides, to make a comparison- a regular doc's malpractice insurance is about a fraction of what it is for a ob- enjoy you ever wondered why there seem to be a larger number of docs getting OUT of the infant business? Used to, all gyns did OB, now, that number keep dropping. Mostly because they can't afford to pay the insurance AND deliver babies. Are the insurance companies discrminiating against OB's?
i agree something like bad owners who ruin it for others.

insurance companies base this on the number of dog bites per a specific breed of dog. they are not necessarily discrimianting. they are looking at statistics, ans how much they have to pay out within claims. you may find another innsurance company to insure you, but your deductible will probably be a lot higher.
Its a shame that they are a prohibited breed contained by the UK. How old is your pittie? Cause its illegal to breed them and it should individual be the older ones around in the UK that are still living.
The principle is that they come under the dangerous dogs stroke and no insurance company is going to insure you with any breed of that on the list.
They're a private company and can do what they want. Find another company.

Unfortunately, because of the idiot owners who own given pits a bad reputation, responsible owners are having to settle the price.
sue them
that is in recent times rediculous! it should not matter what kind of dog you own all dogs are capable of inflicting like injury as a pitty i would get a lawyer if i be you i worked for a vet for 10 yrs and never saw a bad pit bull the whole time its adjectives how they are trained it's not the dog it's the owners that should be jailed they make them the way they are they solitary do what the are taught
Pretty much adjectives of them. The dog that you own raises your risk. Don't feel doomed to failure, if you are a woman you pay less for auto insurance because men are more of a risk.
Pit bulls have gotten a bleak rap b/cause of their idiot owners. They are not a "bad" breed...You are not stuck with that insurance company...take your business down the road. My dogs Barney and Waston transport hugs to your boy!
It may be wrong, but insurance coverage and cost are based on actual information. The data stating that most claims are created by pit bulls, doesn't certainly mean that the dogs are a risks, it is the owners that own them who are the risk
My insurance company charges me a surcharge for my Husky. Just find another insurance company, its not really that big of a accord.

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