Can I folder a claim against my neighbor's homeowners insurance?

While helping my neighbor hanging Christmas lights on his property, I fell off a stepladder while trying to get up on the roof. I sustained a dislocated ankle, and a fracture. I am out of work for 8 weeks due to the injury. Can I file a claim, or will I hold to sue for any help in the medical bills and light of day to day expenses?
I don't think you can file on his homeowner's insurance, but your neighbor can on your behalf (or for you to receive the money). If he does NOT folder, then you can sue him. He may choose to file that at that time to let go himself some out of pocket expenses.
Depends on the insurance he/she carry - our policy carries a "good samaritan" clause wherein if we own a guest at our home who is helping us with something and they get injured, our insurance will cover the medical bills arising from said injury. I don't know if it would cover lost wages, etc. but it is worth checking into. You may want to try and negotiate next to the neighbor before considering a lawsuit.
Proving liability has nothing to do near your neighbor's ins. paying for your injuries. You were on his property at his request, no matter the circumstances, he is liable for your injury. He would own to file the claim with his ins. company, you could not do so. It may be a pious idea to call your own homeowner's insurance company and ask their inference also.
No, his policy won't accept a claim from anyone except him.

IF he chooses to file a claim, potential his $500 medical payments would be offered, but that's not enough for what you're looking for.

You're going to have to sue him. You're going to enjoy to prove he was negligent. That money, either the ladder be defective and he knew it, and let you use it anyway, or something else, that he CAUSED the fluke. Just the fact that you fell on his property, isn't enough. Even if he DOES report this claim, you're going to hold to explain to the insurance company how exactly he was negligent, surrounded by causing this accident.

Unless there's NEGLIGENCE involved here, you're not going to win this lawsuit. You'll own to claim under your own health insurance and short permanent status disability coverage, I'm thinking.

Sorry. Source(s): agent, 21+ years
First, your neighbors homeowners insurance will only reward if your neighbor is considered to be liable, meaning he did or failed to do something that cause you to be injured. Was it your neighbor's ladder? Was the ladder rickety? Missing rungs? Was in attendance a hole in the lawn? If you fell because you lost your harmonize but the property & ladder were both contained by good condition, your neighbor will not be found liable & there will be no payout from his liability insurance. Just because you be injured on someone's property, does not mean they are at fault. Most population do know the dangers of climbing a ladder. Your neighbor MAY own medical payments to others. This is a "no fault" coverage & your neighbor can ask his insurance company to pay some of your medical bills. He will have to profile the claim, you can't. Coverage is usually between $1,000 and $5,000, some companies give up to $10,000 but that is few and far between. This is probably not enough to cover all of your medical bills but it may cover your deductible & copayments on your condition insurance. Do you have short term disability insurance at work? You will own to file for your lost wages there.
If impossible to tell apart injury happened at your own house, you would have to database for the medical under your health insurance & lost wages near your short term disability, same thing here. Source(s): Insurance agent
I would contact my own insurance.
You cannot file a claim directly near another person's insurance. You can request reimbursement from your neighbor. If they don't pay, you'd have to sue. But be prepared to prove that your injury be due to your neighbor's negligence. The insurance company will argue that your own negligence is to blame.

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