Does my homeowners insurance cover the cost of an attorney if i am sued contained by civil court?

got into a fight and might be sued for medical expenses
You sir, have a sticky situation.

You'll need to contact your insurance agent, but I'm inclined to bet money that your insurance will NOT cover legal fees...after all, they refuse to cover expenses incured during Hurricane Katrina because they "found" loopholes and were able to find out of paying the claims.

More details would have been caring, like did your house fall on somebody's sister or something?
If homeowner's insurance would be paying for the money awarded if you lost the suit (for example, if someone slipped on your icy front steps), then they will recompense for a lawyer so that you do not lose so that they do not have to compensate the winner.

However, if you are being sued because you are the soul who hit, punched, kicked, or otherwise attacked someone, not because you own the place where it happened, next no.
I doubt it. Your liability insurance may cover the other persons medical bills, though I have my doubts around that as well. Looks like you may enjoy some unexpected expenses coming your way...
Not for a quarrel. And it won't cover the medical expenses, either, assuming you're over 13.

It has to be a "covered" motive of loss, unexpected, and unintended. And a fight isn't that. Assault is specifically excluded. Source(s): agent, 21+ years

Homeowners insurance liability coverage would extend to startling, and accidental occurrences. Criminal act are excluded. So, since fighting is foreseen, intentional AND criminal to boot, I'd predict a denial of coverage in your adjectives.

I'd be offering up an apology and $$ for out of pocket expenses if I were you. Good luck. Source(s):…
Your homeowners policy will cover you for claims which arise out of your home ownership. If you have an umbrella, it may also cover you for claims which do not arise out of your home. Check your policy to be sure. Your homeowners policy will also include some amount ($1,000 or $5,000) for medical payments coverage to cover other people's cost for indispensable medical care if they are injured on your property or by your dog. If your claim arose out of a bar spar or something totally unrelated to your home, you probably won't be covered, but if there is coverage, your insurance policy will provide you next to free counsel to protect you and with indemnity protection which means they will discharge the judgment up to policy limits. If you go and get sued, give the papers to your insurer or agent and they might cover it or not remember to deny coverage so you might bring covered. Also if there is a chance that the claim could be covered, but it might not be, they can issue a reservation of rights communiqué meaning they will pay for your attorney but might not rate the judgment. You can work w/ your lawyer to try to make over the allegations then to make them fit w/in coverage . Good luck and stop hitting ethnic group.
No. Homeowners covers cost for your home. Not court.

Same route your car insurance would not help you contained by court if someone sues you for an accident.

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