Does homeowners insurance cover a leak skylight?

I was just notice some dust on the ugly popcorn ceiling in the guest tub, and then noticed one side of the skylight tunnel be darker than the others. Since it's dark outside, I shined a flashlight up it and the cloudiness looks like it's from a slow water flow, but does manage the edge of the ceiling, which to me indicates it's not that bad, but have been going on a while. I was trying to get my policy about water exclusions, but I don't get it. Typically speaking, does an HO policy cover leaking skylights? I want to find out before I telephone call them. It's Farmers if that helps.
Seeing as a sky light, installed costs more or less $300-$800 and your deductible is probably $500- $1000 and your insurance company will raise your premiums if you make a claim. Is it really worth making a phone up to them? I surely wouldn't.

You can probably get the leak fixed for a couple hundred bucks or fix it yourself for $50.
Just call them and ask. It won't hurt anything by just asking. I believe it does though and you might procure a new roof out of it!
"> i don't know if it covers a leaking skylight,but im sure it would cover a "broken skylight",depending on the deductible,is it worth it or not,,how ever it may look resembling it hasnt done a lot of damage but you enjoy to get in the attic or where on earth ever you can see the other side of the stain on the wall,might be a lot more than it looks like Source(s): 25 years contained by maint. svc.
The singular thing to do is call your insurance agent and ask. My renter's insurance covers leak from the washing machine (because it belongs to me) and (if it's my fault) mar from an overflowing sink or bathtub.
A few years ago, the apartment hot water cistern sprang a major leak, flooded partially my apartment, but since it wasn't my fault (I don't own the water heater), the apartment admin took care of all interrupt.

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