Will my homeowners insurance cover electronic devices?

Recently a bad storm hit and we were out of power for a few days and when we finally regain power I noticed my t.v. does not work properly. The colors seem to be adjectives messed up now. Also I had roof destruction and my basement flooded. I did not know if it would be worth it to cliam. It was a 54' RCA HD tv.
Your typical homeowners policy does cover personal property pending their assessment of how the item got destabilized. Not sure if your house got struck by lightening that would be a logical cause for your TV to walk bad. They may have your TV inspected beforehand paying for it.
Call your insurance delivery service and file a homeowners claim. Give the approx date of the storm when all the damages occur. It will be up to their adjuster to see what is covered.
If the roof damage was due to the storm and flooded your subterranean vault you will be covered. Also lightening does not need to strike your home directly to ruin the TV. A near miss may be ample. A electronic shop can determine the cause of the problems with it. Your adjuster may convey it out to one. Source(s): Insurance adjuster
Well, not a soul here knows for sure, but if it's fried due to lightening, it might be covered. If the basement flooded due to backup of sewers & drains, and you hold that coverage, THAT might be covered. And the damage to the roof is probably covered. The question is, what is your deductible, and how much is the injury total.

And no one here knows that. Source(s): agent, 21+ years
to give to those answers a lot of them time with my company electronics are one and only covered up to a certain amount minus the deductable. Also the basement flooding will not be covered unless you have flood and then still it will most likely not be covered anyways. besides your homeowners is going to progress up when you submit that claim and a lot of ther time new companies will not pick you up because you hold made a claim.
I am an agent now but was a claims representative for 10 years.

Since you've get damage to the dwelling(roof & water within the basement) you already need to file a claim. The claim you wallet should include the TV. The insurer would apply one deductible to the sum total of the claim...not one each for the contents(TV) and the dwelling(basement & roof).

I agree that they may want to have someone check the TV to see if it be fried however carriers also use a firm called StrikeFax who provide them near a list of all lightning strikes surrounded by a given area for the date of your claim. This will tell them whether its possible at hand was a surge that damaged your TV.
Only if you have personal property added to your insurance. It is an add on, not fragment of the structure insurance. Call your agent and ask. The worst he can say is 'no'. The best is 'yes'.

Good luck.

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