Question in the order of home owners insurance claim/check?

I had some roof damage a few weeks backbone because of hail damage. The adjuster come out and said I needed the two vents replaced, roof replaced, and the guttering replaced......I have roof insurance so they cover full replacement cost minus my deductable...My cross-question is does the insurance company hold any money back....meaning will they cut me a check for the full attraction or will they cut half and wait till its done I distribute a receipt and get the next of kin....

Will they send me the hole value at once? Will they cut me a seperate check for the vent, roof, and guttering? or do they only pay partly of all three at once and half latter?

I guess what I am saying is my guttering is not in that unpromising of shap and I was just going to use that money on other bills, but if they dont repay it all at once this will not be feasable....
Also if they assume X amount for the roof and I find a contractor to do it cheaper than that X amount do I get to pocket the difference? how does that work?
"> They may own you simply go out and get a contractor, and consequently they pay the contractor, less the deductible. They may also own you submit an invoice for the completed work, where they reimburse you for that amount, less the deductible.

If you of late keep the money and don't get the work done, you are simply committing insurance fraud. That money is supposed to be used to make your house whole again, after the hailstones damage. If you don't fix the damage, you are misrepresenting the condition of the house to your insurer (they consider it's fixed).

They may even come by after the fact and inspect the house to verify that the damage be fixed. And, if they find that the check was cashed but the damage be not fixed, they could cancel your insurance and demand the money put a bet on. Then good luck getting new insurance, since this incident will be resembling a rash all over your personal profile (yes, insurance companies have a word with each other give or take a few a person's insurability).
All you can do is ask the insurance company. My experience with car insurance have been to get an estimate, and they give me a check. They don't check up to see if you did it or not.

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