Does home insurance cover bed bugs?

Answers: unlikely
Of course not. No moreso than it would cover mosquitoes or any other bug infestation. Bedbugs are a homeowner upkeep issue, and you are expected to do what is needed to rid the premises of the creatures.
NO ! Nor fleas or manager lice. Visit your local pharmacy for a pesticide spray.
No, again. Vermin infestations are a maintenance issue for the homeowner.
No. As per your prior question, there's an exclusion in the policy, for cockroaches. Vermin include bed bugs, along with any other type of insect issue.

Technically, there's no DAMAGE caused by bed bugs, anyway. They're lately unpleasant to live with. But they don't hurt your house, and they don't even hurt your bed. They only hurt YOU.
Read the policy.
No that is a Health & Hygiene issue. It would not cover flies, wasps or mice.
Have some sense.

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