Broken TV, Making a Claim on Home Insurance?

The other day I was cleaning round the TV and have the remote in my hand, particularly clumsily I dropped it, tried to catch the remote but instead of catching it I sort of somehow propelled it towards the screen of the TV.

Now the peak in question is a 32" LCD and presently has a great big crack down the middle with a big black blob to the lower portion.

I read through all the terms and conditions of my contents insurance policy and saw that they do not cover inadvertent damage while doing cleaning, maintenence or adjustment.

I want to make a claim because I can't really afford lb600 for a strange one at the moment but need to make something up that would explain the big crack within the middle of the screen.

Anyone got any perfect ideas?
"> I suggest you pick up a $50 TV out of the local classified ads and suffer near a low-resolution screen until you can save up the money to repair or replace your LCD.

This harm is not covered by insurance. If you tell the truth, they won't cover it. If you lie to capture money, you are committing fraud amd can go to jail. Plus they'll angle your rates anyway.

Homeowners insurance isn't there to cover the minor expenses from accidents close to this. Its there to cover the catastrophe if your house burned down or something.
Your deductible is probably $500 so you would just get a $100. Besides what your suggesting is fraud.

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