Who provides no-inspection home owners insurance?

My house is basically a shell, but we've been conditionally approved for a smudge of credit to fix the house. We need to have home insurance, but if we shift with any of the local insurers we'll be turned down because of the condition of our house. It was built within 1897. Are there reputable online providers of insurance that don't do inspections prior to approval? If so, recommend some.
Though you will have to answer some questions in the region of what the house contains in terms of amenities, Kemper does not distribute an agent out to visually or physically inspect the property. However, you should call and report the remodels, upgrades, additions, etc. you do because it will increase your insurance coverage afterward.
Find a local insurance broker. I took ownership of a house once with a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure that be vacant with pay for taxes and that was pretty trashed. Even before I took ownership I found a local broker that give me a fire insurance policy (a 3 month policy) so I could insure the house and protect the investment I made. There was no inspection or anything and it was not that big of a matter.

In fact, I've taken out policies on several houses, some owner occupied, some unfilled, and some rentals, and NEVER did someone come out and inspect. I used Travelers Insurance for most of them...
Try GEICO, they're idiots.

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