What does home Insurance cover?

A thunderstorm caused my neighbor's tree falls down.
The branches crashed into our fence around the garden and laid down between our our walkway, grass and flowers.
Therefore, we could not use our front door anymore and because it happened during friday afternoon, so we have to lurk untill monday for their home insurance to come over and take a look.

My questions are:
1. Will their home insurance cover everything?
2. What other things can I ask for it? (such as my inconvenient...etc.)
they should pay for the repair of your fence. why would you ask for something more because you have to use a different door?
You should read your policy to see what is and what is not covered. Don't think that have to use another entrance would be a claimable item.
1) Their homeowners insurance will cover zilch because they are not liable. The thunderstorm caused the tree to fall, not them. The ONLY style they MAY be found liable is if the tree was dead & surrounded by danger of falling & they KNEW about it AND did nought about it. You would have to PROVE they know about it & the ONLY way to do i.e. if you sent them a certified letter telling them the tree be dead - & you would have to prove you did this BEFORE the tree come down.
Your insurance policy will pay for the debris removal up to a small set closing date - I have seen mostly $500 - IF the tree hit your HOUSE or other covered structure. Then, they will singular pay for the part of the tree that HIT your house, you are responsible for the section that didn't. If you have additional refuse removal on your policy, you may get up to $500 for the removal of part of the tree that didn't hit the house. Your company will wages for damages to your house less your deductible. Your company will also probably pay for the destruction to your fence. Now, you will probably not get anything for your grass & flowers if they be damaged. You may or may not get anything for your public walk.
Your policy states you need to mitigate your damages - which means if the tree cause a whole in your roof or broke a skylight, you would need to remove the tree & board up the window or roof to prevent the weather (or a burglar) from entering your home & cause more damage. You need to bear pictures of the tree before you remove it to show where it be lying & what damage it may have done - you will also entail to keep a receipts for temporary repairs.
2) You can't ask for anything else. This is a first group claim for damages to your own property on your own policy. There is NO liability. You CAN'T ask for any money for inconvenience...Sorry. All claims are incovenient, that is just a reality of life.
1. No - Their insurance covers their house, your insurance covers your house.

2. You can ask your insurance company to remove the tree, repair the fence and fix anything else damaged. Some policies own a limit on tree removal: $500 is not uncommon so it's the adjustor's give the name. I've not seen "had to wander to the back door" coverage so there's not much hope for your inconvenience claim. Source(s): http://ohio-insurance-forum.blogspot.com…

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