What dog breeds are not approved by Florida home owners insurance?

Iver heard you can't get home owneres insureance if you own particular dog breeds like siberian huskys and pitbulls. Can some tell me if German shepherd and Alaskan Malamutes are also on that register
pitbulls I would think they are certain to be vicious
Pit bulls,
and adjectives the dogs that can chop your leg in one bite.
OK, a couple points - first of adjectives, it's not the STATE that makes the list, it's the insurance companies.

I've never see Alaskan Malamutes on the list, but SOME insurance companies include German Shepherds.

MOST include Pitt Bulls (aka American Staffordshire Terriers), Chows, Akitas, Rottweilers, wolf and wolf hybrids up to 1/8 wolf, and Dobermans.

Now, most importantly - if you're shopping around for homeowners insurance in Florida, confer it up. NO ONE is writing new policies in Florida, except for the state fund. If you currently HAVE a voluntary shipper writing your homeowners insurance, it would be worth it to board out your dogs on a farm for a couple years, see if the insurance situation clears up, and keep your current policy.

It's not roughly dog liability - it's about property coverage. And tomorrow is the first day of hurricane season. Source(s): agent, 21+ years
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I think akitas and dobermans are on that list . it is not the certainty that you wont get home insurance it will just be sophisticated . I live in florida too . My sister does as well and because she have a big dog she has to have more house insurance and it is strong enough to get insurance here as it is because of hurricaines ,I would judge that they would not be so worried about dogs anymore . good luck .

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