How does an insurance adjuster determine an estimate for a repair short ever visit the home?

We had a water pipe burst beneath the cement slab in our home. Our insurance adjuster has never even be to our home, yet she cut us a check for the cost of repairs. (We have not cashed the check.) The amount of the check be based on a phone conversation she had next to a plumber. The plumber had never been to our home at that point, any. Once the plumber actually came to see our problem and contribute us an estimate, he realized the problem was much more involved. Therefore, his estimate over the phone be inaccurate. We had the repairs done, but the cost be much more than the adjuster's estimate. The adjuster, however, is refusing to give use any more money.

So, I enjoy two questions:

1. Is the insurance adjuster supposed to visit the home at some point after a claim have been filed? (Ours have never been here.)

2. If we are unhappy near the decision made by the insurance adjuster, what is the next step we should purloin?

Thanks so much for any help!

The plumber should, ideally, estimate the cost after seeing the scope of the available job, and come to an agreed price with the adjuster.

No, the adjuster doesn't actually enjoy to visit the house. Keep in mind, that SOME policies, parameter the coverage for an underground pipe, to a dollar amount - that's the MOST they have to pay, regardless of the actual cost to repair the wreck. ALSO keep in mind, that usually it doesn't reimburse for the pipe repair - only to repair the concrete you have to verbs through, to GET to the pipe.

First step, ask your adjuster to put it in writing, why they aren't paying the supplemental amount. Second step, take that communication, and sit down with your agent, and see if your agent agrees with them - if so, ask them to show you where on earth in your policy it limits that coverage.

If that still doesn't assist, you can file a complaint letter, including copies of the adjuster's memo, with your state insurance commissioner. That's the regulatory authority.
Did you hire a public adjuster? They help you carry the money you deserve for your claim. I have a similar situation and I just hired a public adjuster. Visit they hold info on their site. where are you located? i'm in Florida.

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