Will home insurance cover my failing retaining wall?

I have a retaining wall that is structurely intergal to my home it is failing will home insurance cover this?
Check your policy. Some may, but it might depend on what is cause the failure.
look at your coverage but it should
No, homeowners policies specifically exclude foundations and retaining walls. Source(s): agent, 20+ years
Probably not, the loss will have to be cause by a covered peril,
like fire, water, lighting ect. but check your policy.
Gosh, that's a tough one. Sorry to hear more or less the wall.

I want to try to give you a couple different avenues to pursue for this, to give you the best prospect to be made whole. Unfortunately, this is probably going to be one of those things that may require a lengthy fighting on your part.

Not knowing the specifics of the wall (when it was built, how it be built, etc), in general I would expect that walls that play a role surrounded by the support of your house would be covered by a homeowner's policy. But that's not more than an educated guess.

To cover all your basis, I'd also recommend finding out a bit more about the wall - who built it, when it was built, how it be built. On your own, you might investigate whether the methods used to install your wall were up to the industry standards of the time. If not, you may also be able to collect from the installer of the wall (or it may but be under warranty).

Whatever happens, be sure that the unknown wall installation design gets reviewed by an engineer (and get an engineer's stamp), so that you never have to travel this road again.

Best of luck!



PS I just notice Rosey's reply - most likely it is the collection of water at the back the wall that caused it's failure, so word your first telephone call to your agent carefully as to the potential cause. Water down a wall during freeze-thaw cycles causes the majority of wall failures. Source(s): 20 years as a hardscaper.

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