Can I stay on my spouse's Health Insurance if I divorce him?

I live in Michigan, and he is employed with the Federal Government. I want to directory for divorce (he cheated). But I need to know if I can remain covered on his health insurance policy through his employer.
NO. Just the kids.
Divorce funds you're on your own -- you're not his problem any more and he's not yours.
If you would typically get "alimony", you might be able to enjoy your husband pay for health insurance. However, he wouldn't know how to keep you on his Federal Health Insurance policy (because the Federal Government..his employer pays a large piece of the bill) and he would need to find you an alternative.

With-out "alimony" or the Courts having your husband foot your health insurance, you are again kicked off his strength insurance but if you like you can join COBRA. Of course COBRA is expensive as hell (because in that is no employer paying most of the premiums) that it is simply cheaper to find someone else on your own.
Well, not sure, but id have to voice probably not. The policy covers husband and wife, and since you would no longer be his wife i would highly doubt that they would keep you on the policy after a divorce. Plus you own to consider, that since he has to pay subdivision of the premium, he'd probably cut you off of it to save a few bucks.
If he's a federal member of staff, then your children, if any, may be able to remain on his insurance until they turn 18 (21 if full-time students or disabled) or until/if you remarry (then it depends on the policy), but you cannot unless the court ordered it (and even consequently probably not, since it's a federal regulation and a Michigan State divorce court.
I've never heard of someone staying on his insurance after the divorce. I guess it depends on the insurance and the judge.
I believe that you enjoy the right to stay on his health insurance for a period of time later convert to your own policy. You have to pay for your coverage if you are divorced. Go hold a consultation with a lawyer and check out adjectives your concerns.
I importantly doubt it. Since you will be divorced and no longer his wife, I don't think you will be allowed to remain on his insurance. Kids are a different story, but ex spouses? Not likely.
No......after you divorce you are no longer a legal dependent of his....he may have to afford you a small amount in maintenace but that is short you will have to seek out an win your own coverage once you two are no longer husband & wife.
No, he can claim the children, but not you. Insurance policies allow you to carry your children (biological, step or adopted) and your spouse. Since you will no longer be his spouse he is not able to convey you.
No you cannot. Once the relationship nouns is disolved, he doesn't have the ability to claim you anymore.
Probably depends on the plan coverage details, but likely that most plans would not allow you to stay on spouse's plan if you are not married unless decreed by the court surrounded by the divorce proceedings. Even then, it usually would fall below COBRA and they'd just make him recompense for the COBRA coverage. Otherwise you likely could only verbs for a limited time under COBRA at a much better (usually full) coverage cost. Call the insurance company you are on and find out your options for sure before you do anything.
I don't think so...

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