I am a broke disabled veteran surrounded by desperate stipulation of dental insurance where on earth do I turn to?

Where do we as Iraq war veterans turn to when we need dental contemplation? I have no money, work very little and own a young daughter to support. The Department of Veterans Affairs offers us no dental coverage as a disabled veteran because I am not 100% disabled. I can't afford to pay envelope out of pocket and have done my research and it seems that this is a problem that ethnic group care very little just about. I have an abcess and a decayed toothe that requests to be pulled what do I do? Please anyone I am in desperate need of some answers.
Any emergency room can fix that. they have to treat you by law. no situation what, and they have to fix it because it is an infection.
well thank you for your service and sacrifice and i hope life span will treat you well, im not sure what you can do, but i feel dismayed for you because you fought for your country and no one seems to help out you out. i hope you find a solution and i will be [raying for you. God bless
You can buy dental insurance for as little as $11.00 a month.

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Also, alot of dentist offer their own dental insurance plans. Source(s): http://www.dentalplans.com/
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Hello, I do not know what state you are in,and i know the pain of waiting to seize an appointment. suggestion: contact the health dept in your town, city or county. Tell them you are indigent and within need of immediate dental keeping. Ask for referrals. If you are not on medicaid, ask if you can have the 800 number for the medicaid dental referral number. If they dont enjoy it. Check the website for your state and call and ask for Drs names who adopt medicaid. They usually provide services for low cost or no cost medical care. Also many county form depts do also. I cant tell you much about the VA, but I surmise these dentists can bill them for you, if not you can get free thoroughness. Also ask for referrals for indigent people for Drs and other form services . There are many, and often they arent economically known. Unfortunately for people next to out proper access.
Call the VA and go thru the process, but dont turn down you other options.
Take carefulness, and thanks for serving our country. We wont forget you. Peachsurprize Source(s): health dept
internet rummage for health dept:county
First of all, thank you for serving!

To tag on to what peachsurprize wrote - see if there is a dental school surrounded by your area.

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