Does house and contents insurance cover loss of fence blown down by weave?

I have cover with direct flash
If your fence is actually attached to your garage or house, it's definately covered... up to the confine of your house. If it's not attached to anything, the max coverage is usually a percentage (10%) of the amount of insurance you have on your house. But best to ask the insurance company. Source(s): insurance broker
Depends on your level of cover. Mine didn't.
i hope so the whole place has only collapsed around my very ears
you shold buy a Fire and Allied Perils Cover and this hould cover fire, flood and inundation, tsunamis, cyclones, rainstorm, impact (from flying debris and aircraft) etc.
you may have a specific households and contents coveer but requests endorsement and additional covers for all these peril to be sure and safe.
The answer is no.

I work in insurance, any storm damage cause to gates, fences and hedge is specifically excluded.

Its the same under adjectives insurance policies. Its due to the 1987 hurricane.
Your property insurance might cover it, unless 'wind' is specifically excluded. You will have to look at your policy. Also, what is your deductible vs. the cost to repair the paling? Every claim you make is a 'black mark; against your insurance. If the repair cost is close to your deductible, only fix it.
Probable the most asked questionat the moment. But I think the answer will be no, why not phone them if you can attain through, ask about garden sheds as well please.
I assume you are in the Uk - the answer is storm hurt to fences is excluded- sorry - I'm very concerned nearly my shed !
Due to the underwriting risk - i.e fence & gates do get blown down glibly it is exclued. I work for an insurance compnay that underwrite many major policies it an exclusion on adjectives. But that is only an exclusion on storm incapacitate to fences. Say it was adjectives down that would be coverd
Fences and gates are usually excluded below the storm damage peril. Some will allow the claim if there is also interrupt to the main insured property (building).

Check your policy for specific wording. Source(s):
Storm damage to gate and fences is normally excluded by most household insurers. I devise the exception is Chubb Insurance but they specialise in insuring high good point homes and their minimum premiums are quite high. Source(s): (insurance brokers)
You'll own to read your particular policy to get your answer. If you are incompetent to find the extent of coverage in your policy, contact your insurance repesentative or company.
depends on your cover, but most policies will have cover for storm hurt which includes fences.

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