How much do commercial bus companies clear for insurance?

I have heard that commercial bus insurance is totally expensive, but I can't seem to find a website or forum that gives an estimation of cost.

Do insurance companies per bus, or per driver, or both? What is the cost average per bus and per driver?
Oh, it's by bus, as long as adjectives the drivers are over 26, with clean archives. It's rated on number of seats, and radius of operation, which is why you can't get an average - because just near those three catgories (driver, seats, radius) you're looking 27 different sets of rates - and that doesn't even include extra liability needed for airports, if they go in that, or physical damage coverage on the busses.

Everything is also experience rated.

Most city busses are owned by the city - and "self insure" up to $250,000 per claim - so that ALSO skews the rates - have a $250,000 deductible seriously lessens coverage.

In short - if you called me asking for an indication of premium, I'd speak about you somewhere between $10,000 and $25,000 per bus - or more.
In case he doesn't get vertebrae to you he means per year. Commercial auto policies are rated on an annual argument unless you specifically ask to reduce the term to 6 months. Source(s): Commercial insurance broker for 8 years

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