Does Geico Car insurance cover Rental Cars?

Does Geico car insurance cover rental cars? Or does it JUST cover your car that you own insured w. them?
Only up to the value of your insured vehicle. If your vehicle has a book value of $5,000 and you total a $20,000 rental you will owe the rental company $15,000.
i have gieco and just now filed a claim for a total loss accident. they do volunteer rental service but it does cost a tad bit extra and you need to make sure you customize your coverage include it. if you use gieco's rental service they work directly next to the rental agency to reserve your car. i can't tell you for sure how it works but i estimate gieco would take responsibility if they are managing your rental. Source(s): gieco customer
Read your policy. Generally it does, but consequently every state has different insurance requirements.
It seem a not easy cracking nut,look around here ,you should find something helpful.
When renting a car, you need insurance. If you enjoy adequate insurance on your own car, including collision and comprehensive, this may be ample.

Before you rent a car:

* Contact your insurance company
Find out how much coverage you have on your own saloon. In most cases, the coverage and deductibles you have on your personal auto policy would apply to a rental car, providing it’s used for pleasure and not business. If you don’t own comprehensive and collision coverage on your own car, you will not be covered if your rental car is stolen or if it is dog-eared in an accident.

* Call your credit card company
Find out what insurance your card provides. Levels of coverage alter.
If you don’t have auto insurance, you will need to buy coverage at the coupé rental counter. The following coverages are available to you at the rental car counter:

* Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
Sometimes called a Loss Damage Waiver (LDW), this coverage relieves you of financial responsibility if your rental motor is damaged or stolen. The CDW may be void, however, if you effect an accident by speeding, driving on unpaved roads or driving while intoxicated. This coverage generally costs between $9 and $19 a time. If you have comprehensive and collision on your own car, you may not have need of to purchase this coverage. (Note: In New York, collision damage is already included in the rental price and rental vehicle companies are not permitted by law to charge extra for the CDW. New York also restricts the liability of drivers to $100.)

* Liability Insurance
This provides excess liability coverage of up to $1 million for the time you rent a car. Rental companies are required by imperative to provide the minimum level of liability insurance required by your state. Generally, this does not offer satisfactory protection in a serious accident. If you own adequate liability coverage on your car or an umbrella policy on your home/auto, you may consider forgoing this other insurance. It generally costs about $7 to $9 a morning. If you don’t own a car, and rent cars often, consider purchasing a non-owner liability policy. This costs approximately $200 - $300 per year. Frequent coupé renters sometimes find this more cost-effective than constantly paying for the extra liability coverage.

* Personal Accident Insurance
This provides coverage to you and your passengers for medical/ambulance bills. This type of insurance, usually costs about $3 per light of day, but may be unnecessary if you are covered by health insurance or have okay medical coverage under your auto policy.

* Personal Effects Coverage
This provides coverage for the theft of personal items contained by your car. However, if you have homeowners or renters insurance, you may be covered for items stolen from the vehicle, minus your deductible. You need to have receipts or other proof of ownership. This type of insurance usually costs going on for $1.25 per day.

Some rental car companies combine personal calamity and personal effects coverage together as one type of insurance, while others sell it individually.

The cost of insurance at the rental car counter will ebb and flow depending on the rental car company, state, and location of the dealer and the type of vehicle you rent.

Some rental car companies may check your credit and driving history and may deny coverage. Check with the rental motor company to find out its policy.

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