Car insurance, can I put my son's girlfriend on my vehicle insurance? What if she add me to the title?

Would it even be any cheaper since she would still be on there too? She just bought the vehicle and still owes alot on it.
It wouldn't even be a good notion if they were married. Why won't her own parents add her to their insurance?
You can add ANY driver, to YOUR coup®¶ insurance policy. But you can't add any cars that you don't own.

SO, if the TITLE to her car is surrounded by her name, she'd have to attach you as owner - ie, give you half her coup®¶ - for you to be able to list that coup®¶ on your policy.

But I do NOT recommend you doing that - because even if they break up, you'll still co own that car, and you'll still be responsible, financially, for any damage that coup®¶ does in an accident.

But, since she have a loan on the car, you can't. She can't add you, because the lender won't agree to her. She'll have to have her policy for her coup®¶ in her name. But you can still supply her as a driver on YOUR car, if you want.
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Good Luck!
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you have to prove she's related dna try-out then comes the family plan sprint does the dna exam now
I assume she has to be living under your roof; and that's the just requirement.

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