2 cars 2 states one insurance policy is this possible?

I am a Florida resident and my mom lives in Georgia. In the next few days I am going to purchase a used motor for my mom that will be registered in my name. My request for information is it possible for me to have one insurance policy with two different cars within two different states? Will it be an issue for my mom to have a georgia driver's license and drive a florida registered car?
yes, if you have a countrywide insurance company then it should work.

FIRST & FOREMOST: You should put the car contained by your mom's name to remove you from being liable if she injures someone or cause damage. Do you want to be sued if she is at-fault in an fluke? As the owner of the car you could be.

Laws and required coverages are different from state to state so your mom will need GA coverage since that's where on earth the vehicle will be used. Insuring in your name surrounded by GA or FL could leave your mom (a GA resident) without insurance needed if she get injured, your mom needs to be the Named Insured on the policy. If you insist on putting it in your term your mom should still be Named Insured and you should be listed as Additional Insured (not all companies will do this)

Insurance companies don't intend to insure a motor you own that is not in your custody, and markedly not one that is kept in GA.

The State of GA imagined has laws and time limitations on how long a resident can keep vehicles at hand that aren't registered there.
It is possible but importantly unlikely for you to find a company to do this for you. Most states have their own state endorsements (legal language), different precincts of liability, etc. that are required to be on the insurance policies for all policyholders. That said it is best for you to actually try and see if you can find one to do this for you. I would suggest an independent insurance agent (make sure he or she is licensed surrounded by both states) that represents multiple companies that are also licensed in Georgia and Florida. Once they have your information, they will know how to call their underwriters and see if they can get approval to do this.

Also undergo in mind that you will be legally responsible for any and adjectives accidents that your mother might cause--yes you will have insurance but if the coincidence is very serious it could go over the policy precincts and you would be responsible for the difference. In addition one of the first things to go contained by senior citizens is their ability to drive, i.e. they lose the ability to drive at dark & depth perception due to deteriorating eyesight, lose their reflexes, etc. Since you live in Florida, you might be the concluding person to hear about this (parents don't want to lose this closing vestige of freedom) and yet you will be the first one to be negatively impacted due to higher rates, possibility of have to pay part of a claim out of pocket, etc. While you might know how to do this by getting a company to write the policy for both cars in both states--the real examine you should ask is: Should I do this?

I hope this helps. Good Luck! Source(s): Certified Insurance Counselor, Licensed Insurance Agent & Brokers for over 29 years.
You need 2 separate policies in 2 different states. They can be insured by one and the same company but they are separate policies in different states.

Insurance is regulated on a state by state basis. Different states require different policy forms, to comply near different fault laws. Example: Florida is a NO FAULT state. You ALWAYS collect your medical bills below your own policy. Georgia is NOT that way.

You would need two different policies - near two entirely different sets of coverage forms.

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