Need the copy of an elevation report (for flood Insurance purposes on a house I'm buying at contained by Napa, CA?

House is located at 1366 Milton Road (parcel # 0473500019000 )Napa CA 94559
Flood plain information can be found at the local county court house for the county the home is in. Usually, it's the county paperwork department. why are you not calling the hall of records at city lecture theatre in Napa? Or perhap the tax assessor. Any such chronicles are USUALLY at city hall, if not, later the county has them.
Is the elevation report something that you have to get "officially" from the city and county? If not, you can try Google Earth for the elevation but this would be merely a reading. You may need a surveyor to generate this report. Or, you may be able to take past records from the city/county deeds and archives clerk.

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