Is AFLAC insurance a angelic buy?

Does anyone have experience with their catastrophe policies? Would you recommend it? Thanks!
The BEST policy is the one that pays when it is supposed to, whether it's AFLAC, or another.

"Bryan S" is very uninformed, or stupid. I can't tell which. Source(s): Retired agent, 30 yrs.
Sometimes i wonder why people even go through the motions of answering question...You asked about AFLAC and someone else answers with "Go next to BlueCross." Do they not realize that BlueCross and AFLAC don't sell the same products.

"Should I buy a Toyota coup¨¦?....No, go with the Michelen tires...they're better..."

Anyway, yes AFLAC have good products that can be worthwhile. Some of their insurances, like their natural life insurance, are expensive, so be careful with what you buy and shop it as you may find better.

Hope that help,

go next to bluecross
If u own the right coverage through them u will be very happy .A friend of mine have it and when she had a baby she couldnt travel to work afflac was paying her.........
AFLAC is the most profitable company in the most profitable industry.

Buy stock, not insurance. ;-)

They pay-out relatively easily, compared to "conventional" insurance.

I'd buy the heart-attack insurance if I ate pizza and speedily food for every meal and worked a high-stress job.

If you are catastrophe prone, and are a high school shop guru, check out the insurance for fingers and toes.

If you are a professional boxer who hates wearing those mouth pieces, their dental rider might be useful.

If you in truth like your money, determine how much you would pay for anything insurance you find interesting, and put that amount in the bank and you will create the fat profits instead of feeding the grease duck.


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